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Our mission

It's our mission to help geography teachers worldwide, by providing both teachers and students with current, effective and meaningful resources with which to better teach geography mapping skills in a 21st Century learning environment.

About Geography Map Skills

We're here to provide interactive teaching and learning resources for geography. With tutorials, flash games, activities and animations, students can learn geography skills at their own pace and receive instant feedback that allows them to correct their mistakes quickly. We intend to provide enough relevant information and activities on this site so that no matter what geography skills are assessed, students will be adequately prepared.

We need your feedback!

In order for our small team of teachers and programmers to be able to continue to provide the right resources for geography teachers, we need to hear your voice! All constructive criticisms and opinions will be taken on by our team to ensure our resources are correct and updated regularly.

For any comments, queries or for further information, please contact our team via email at contactus@geographymapskills.com

We hope that you enjoy using our website and find our resources useful!